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Tailscale & AWS: Enterprise Cloud Networking Simplified

In this webinar, we will cover how to connect to your AWS resources easily and securely with Tailscale modernized networking, powered by WireGuard®

With Tailscale + AWS, you can:

  • Simplify AWS Connectivity by using Tailscale to reduce the complexity of managing secure remote access to the Amazon resources that power your organization
  • Increase Security for AWS Access by enabling secure remote access from AWS VPC to EC2 instances, IP-based connectivity via subnet routing, exposing services in your EKS clusters and controlling plane to your tailnet.
  • Achieve high-availability failover, seamlessly connect across availability zones, and deliver persistent resource monitoring and session recording to support compliance goals.
Maximiliano Paz headshotMaximiliano Paz, Sr. Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services
Lee Briggs HeadshotLee Briggs, Solutions Engineer @ Tailscale
Allen Vailliencourt HeadshotAllen Vailliencourt, Solutions Engineer @ Tailscale
April 30, 2024
Time: 1:00 PM ET
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