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July Tailscale newsletter

July 29 2022
Laura Franzese
Laura Franzese

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It has been an eventful July for the team here — and we’ve been busy with new features (we have a status page), a new version (Tailscale v.1.28), and a growing learning library. Here’s all that, plus some of the meaningful contributions from our community that help make our vision of a more human internet possible.

Let’s jump in:

From the community

Tweet: setting up GPD MicroPC with Tailscale
Code-server, Caddy, Tailscale and Hugo logos

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From the team

Tailscale IRLish

  • The Sheer Terror of PAM
    Tune in on August 5th to catch Member of Technical Staff Xe Iaso @RustConf 2022 and learn all about the PAM API, how PAM actually works, how to meet that API in Rust so you can write your own authentication logic, and more.

What’s new and improved

  • Tailscale for DevOps: On-demand access to your Tailscale resources with Indent
    Tailscale simplifies network and SSH connections between devices. We partnered with Indent, and now those connections can be approved and time-bound.

    Explore Indent’s interactive demo of this integration over at their website:

    Indent interactive demo

    You can use Indent to request access to anything in your Tailscale network, whether it’s a sensitive internal web-based tool, internal API, or production SSH access. By using Indent with Tailscale, you can:

    • React to incidents faster with production access auto-approvals for on-call teams
    • Get temporary access to run a production database migration
    • View server logs or debug data to fix an issue without retaining persistent access

    See the documentation to get started managing access to Tailscale resources with Indent.

  • Status page
    🎉 Our status page is live!

Tailscale status page

Tailscale v1.28

  • Tailscale v1.28 arrived this month and is available on all clients (see our updated instructions).

  • This version has a handful of fixes and updates that are listed fully on our changelog.

Tailscale learning library

That’s all for now. Stay well!

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