Site-to-site networking

Securely connect internal resources

Add cross-cloud/infra environments, nodes, and subnets like production servers and databases to your Tailscale network — to securely transfer data between them.

Your home(lab) away from home

Transfer data between nodes in your tailnet

Tailscale lets you give apps, IDEs, subnet routers, and other nodes in your tailnet secure access to any other resource in your network without exposing that resource to the public. Site-to-site networking lets DevOps connect the infrastructure their team relies on, to securely transfer data between resources such as web applications and databases.

Site-to-site networking diagram

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Integrating with Tailscale provides containers running in a CodeSandbox Repository environment with access to your private resources.

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Site-to-site networking lets you:

Connect resources icon
Connect resources

Connect infrastructure running in different cloud environments.

Manage access icon
Manage access

Give applications access to internal resources such as databases.

Transfer data icon
Transfer data

Securely transfer data between resources and nodes in your tailnet.

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Auth keys

Add new nodes to your tailnet without signing in again, with pre-authenticated auth keys.

Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Enable site-to-site networking, and manage permissions with code-enabled network access controls (ACLs).

Remote Dev Environments

Native support for remote code environments like Coder and CodeSandbox

End-to-End Encryption

Traffic between nodes is end-to-end encrypted via WireGuard®

Subnet Router

Designate a subnet router to access large scale VPCs or devices and environments where you aren't able to run Tailscale.

Tailnet Lock

Verify that no nodes are added without first being approved by a trusted node in your tailnet, with Tailnet lock.

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