Tailscale SSH Console

SSH from your browser to devices on your Tailscale network

Use WebAssembly to connect via SSH in your browser

SSH from any browser

Initiate a secure browser-based SSH session from any device - even if you aren't running Tailscale on that device!

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Work anywhere

Start a browser-based SSH session from anywhere you can access the Tailscale admin console.

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Quick to start

Start an SSH session in seconds, with just a few clicks.

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No install required

There's no need to install Tailscale (or any other application) to get access, which is great in an emergency.

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Automatically terminate sessions

Sessions automatically end when the browser window closes, without the need to clean up SSH keys.

SSH access in an emergency

Respond to an emergency with whatever device is on hand: authenticate to Tailscale from any browser to SSH into devices on your tailnet, without installing a local client.

Illustraton showing a connection between two computers on opposite sides of the United States
A screenshot of a user signing in with their Google email account


Use your existing identity provider and multi-factor authentication to protect SSH connections. Protect SSH connections the same way you authorize and protect application access.

Screenshot of a browser window prompting a user to sign in with their Google account before they can connect via Tailscale SSH console

Re-authenticate SSH connections

Re-authenticate users before establishing a Tailscale SSH Console session, using your identity provider.

Tailscale SSH Console runs in your browser

When you start a session, an ephemeral node is created in your browser using WebAssembly, which stores keys in memory only. Sessions automatically terminate when you close the browser window. Your connection is end-to-end encrypted.

Stylized diagram showing a secure connection between a browser-based SSH session and a server tagged 'prod'
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Authentication & encryption

Authenticate, authorize and encrypt SSH connections using Tailscale. Rely on Tailscale to manage access for SSHing to machines on your network, instead of managing SSH keys. Tailscale can't see your traffic - it's end-to-end encrypted.

Screenshot of an ACL file

Manage permissions as code

Define what connections to your devices you want to allow using a standard syntax. Understand your SSH access controls in a centralized configuration file.

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