Tailscale Acceptable Use Policy


This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) is part of the Documentation applicable to all who use or access the Tailscale Solution. Any capitalized terms that are not defined in this AUP have the meaning ascribed to such terms elsewhere in the Terms of Service or Main Services Agreement (as applicable to you).

If you suspect abuse of this AUP or the Tailscale Solution, please contact our support team at support@tailscale.com.


Customers are solely responsible for their Customer Data, and are prohibited from using the Tailscale Solution in an unlawful manner. Customers are also prohibited from using the Tailscale Solution for any malicious activities that diminish, disrupt, disturb, or threaten the security or stability of the Tailscale Solution, our websites, or the systems and operations of our customers. This includes without limitation the following:

  • Discriminatory or hate speech of any kind towards any individual or group;
  • Any sexual abuse or exploitation material;
  • Doxxing or any coordinated harassment towards any individual or group;
  • Incitement, promotion, or celebration of violence;
  • Any impersonation of an individual or entity;
  • Misrepresenting your identity as a person or entity through false association;
  • Posting personally identifiable information without owner consent;
  • Phishing or any activity that involves attempts at acquiring information for the purpose of stealing sensitive information;
  • Spam or other such automated activities that involve excessive, bulk activity;
  • Distributing or promoting malware or other computer code that is designed to cause a security breach;
  • Distributing or promoting spyware or other computer code that is designed to enable you or others to gather information about or monitor the online or other activities of another party or otherwise gain unauthorized access to another’s device(s);
  • Any use in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to a user or server, database, accounts, network, or other services not intended to be public;
  • Interfering with, disrupting, or creating an undue burden on the Tailscale Solution or the networks, servers, systems or services connected to the Tailscale Solution.
  • Fraudulent business activities;
  • Terrorist or criminal activities; and
  • Any other illegal or illicit activities.

No Obligation to Monitor

We do not have any general obligation to monitor your use of the Tailscale Solution. We do not have, and do not undertake, any obligation to prescreen, monitor, edit, or remove any Customer Data, or to actively seek facts or circumstances indicating illegal activity.

Policy Enforcement

In accordance with applicable law, we reserve the right (but undertake no obligation) to, in our sole discretion and without notice or liability to you, suspend or terminate access to and use of the Tailscale Solution by any person for violation of this AUP as determined by us in our sole discretion. You will provide reasonable cooperation in any investigation or action regarding suspected or alleged violations.