Securely send files to any device

Taildrop by Tailscale is the simplest way to send files to any of your devices, anywhere. A safe private network that just works.

Send files between your Android and your Mac

Tailscale lets you send files between all types of devices. Windows to Mac? iPhone to Android? No problem.

Taildrop files across devices.
Taildrop has no file limits.

No file limits

Peer-to-peer sharing means we’re not uploading to the cloud, which makes transfers faster, and allows you to share files of any size.

Share from anywhere with Taildrop.

Share from anywhere

Every device on Tailscale is accessible from anywhere as if it was in the same room as you, all the time.

Available on all major platforms

Tailscale has apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Linux, so you can easily send files between all types of devices.

  • Mac

  • iPhone & iPad

  • Windows

  • Android

  • Linux

State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption keeps your files secure.

End-to-end encryption

State of the art end-to-end encryption keeps your files secure and peer-to-peer sharing means there’s no upload to the cloud, therefore no worries of leaks.

Tailscale's Mac app.

Easy installation

Getting started is as easy as downloading the Tailscale app on your devices and signing in. No setup, no config, Tailscale just works.

“If you regularly transfer between phone/laptop/desktop try Tailscale's Taildrop. Quite fast. Transferring between my Mac and Ubuntu was always a headache. This solves it.”

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Sounds expensive? Tailscale is completely free for personal use on up to 100 devices.