Reseller Addendum

Effective date: 2024-03-19

This Reseller Addendum applies to any access to the Tailscale Solution purchased by customers through an authorized reseller of the Tailscale Solution, a public or private offer on the AWS Marketplace, or similar (each a “Reseller”). This Reseller Addendum supplements and comprises part of the Agreement.

  1. Definitions. For purposes of this Reseller Addendum, the “Agreement” refers to either the Tailscale Terms of Service or the Main Service Agreement between you and Tailscale (as applicable to you). Some capitalized terms are defined contextually in this Reseller Addendum. Any capitalized terms that are not defined in this Reseller Addendum have the meanings assigned to such terms in the Agreement.

  2. Commercial Terms. Instead of paying Tailscale directly, Customer will pay applicable amounts to Reseller as agreed between Customer and Reseller. Customer’s order details (such as the services purchased and associated fees) will be as stated in a quote, purchase order or similar document placed by Reseller with Tailscale on Customer’s behalf. Reseller is responsible for verifying the accuracy of all Customer information and order information provided in any such quote, purchase order or similar document. Tailscale may suspend or terminate Customer’s rights to use the Tailscale Solution if it does not receive the corresponding payment from Reseller. If Customer is entitled to a refund under this Agreement, Tailscale will refund any applicable fees to Reseller and Reseller will be solely responsible for refunding the appropriate amounts to Customer, unless otherwise specified.

  3. Relationship with Tailscale. This Agreement is directly between Tailscale and Customer and governs all use of the Tailscale Solution by Customer. Resellers are not authorized to modify this Agreement or make any promises or commitments on Tailscale’s behalf, and Tailscale is not bound by any obligations to Customer other than as set forth in this Agreement. Tailscale is not party to (or responsible under) any separate agreement between Customer and Reseller and is not responsible for the Reseller’s acts, omissions, products or services. The amount paid or payable by the Reseller to Tailscale for Customer’s use of the Tailscale Solution under this Agreement will be deemed the amount paid or payable by Customer to Tailscale under the Agreement for purposes of limitations of liability.