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Tailscale for QNAP NAS

Securely access your QNAP NAS from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Tailscale and Western Digital

File sharing is cumbersome. It is expensive. And even if you are an IT wizard (without the funny hat) it’s hard to secure. Tailscale changes all that:

  • Download Tailscale from the QNAP App Center and access your NAS from anywhere, without opening firewall ports.
  • Share your QNAP NAS with designated Tailscale users.
  • Restrict access to your QNAP NAS using ACLs.
  • Use your NAS as a subnet router to provide external access to your LAN, replacing a traditional standalone VPN server.
  • Use your QNAP NAS as an exit node for safe Internet access even when you’re in an untrusted location like an Internet cafe.
Securely access your QNAP NAS from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Tailscale: the unified networking solution 1,000's of DevOps teams trust.

Users can access their NAS from anywhere, and securely share it with any other Tailscale user, This gives anyone the ability to essentially build their own Dropbox-like tool without having to host any content in the cloud.
Avery Pennarun, CEO and Co-Founder at Tailscale

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