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Simplify secure remote access to AWS resources

Connect to your AWS resources easily and securely with Tailscale programmable networking software, powered by WireGuard®.

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AWS and Tailscale

AWS Networking

Simplified AWS Networking

Use Tailscale to reduce the complexity of managing secure remote access to the Amazon resources that power your organization.

AWS Networking

Full range of secure remote access solutions for AWS

Enable secure remote access from AWS VPC to EC2 instances, IP-based connectivity via Tailscale subnet routing, expose services in your EKS clusters and control plane to your tailnet, and more.

AWS Networking

Advanced AWS Networking at Scale

Achieve high availability failover, seamlessly connect to resources across availability zones, and deliver persistent resource monitoring and session recording for your AWS servers, storage, containers, and databases. Tailscale provides industry-leading support, documentation, and reference architectures to help you transform networking for a wide range of AWS use cases.

Learn how Instacart uses Tailscale to simplify networking and provide secure remote access to Amazon services such as AWS RDS.

Because of Tailscale’s simplicity, both in architecture and end user experience, we can solve our acute problems quickly and easily.
Mike Deeks, Senior Staff Software Engineer

Tailscale is now available on the AWS Marketplace

Purchase Tailscale directly from the AWS Marketplace for rapid provisioning and deployment.

Features and benefits

SSO & MFA with IdP

IP-based Routing to AWS Resources

Use Tailscale subnet routing service to easily connect to managed AWS resources such as Amazon’s Relational Database Service (AWS RDS), Amazon Redshift, etc.

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Flexible Consumption Model

Flexible Consumption Model

A flexible range of pricing and scalability options with seamless transactions via the AWS Marketplace.

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Agent to Agent Networking

Agent to Agent Networking

Secure remote acces to resources such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances.

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Lambda and other container services

Access resources on your tailnet from Lambda functions and other container solutions.

Easy EKS Access with Tailscale Kubernetes operator

Expose services in your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster and your EKS cluster control plane directly to your Tailscale network.

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