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Connect your Kubernetes clusters with anything, anywhere

Connect directly to your Kubernetes cluster’s control plane for debugging, access API resources without going through the public internet, securely reach databases and other non-Kubernetes services from your Kubernetes clusters, and enable cross-cluster connectivity, simply and securely via the magic of Tailscale. It’s all possible with the Tailscale Kubernetes operator.

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Secure access to Kubernetes, solved (seriously)

Kubernetes networking, the Tailscale way. Secure access to Kubernetes, expose cluster workloads to your tailnet, make tailnet services available to your cluster workloads, and easily achieve secure cross-cluster peering. Connect Kubernetes clusters to services you host on other infrastructure — from bare metal in a data center, to services in a public cloud — enabling you to go hybrid or multi-cloud. The Tailscale Kubernetes operator empowers you to break down legacy Kubernetes networking obstacles such as manually managing load balancers and instead effortlessly connect Kubernetes clusters to any resource on your tailnet, hosted anywhere, completely with Tailscale.

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Kubernetes networking without limits

Connect anything to Kubernetes

From databases to servers, provide full ingress and egress connectivity from Kubernetes clusters to non-Kubernetes resources via your Tailscale tailnet. Use simple to configure Tailscale services to replace the functionality and complexity of traditional hardware-based load balancers.

Connect anything to Kubernetes

Expose Kubernetes Workloads

You can use the Tailscale Kubernetes operator to expose a Kubernetes cluster workload to your tailnet with a Tailscale load balancer service, annotate an existing service that fronts your workload, or create an ingress service for the workload you wish to expose.

Cross-Cluster Peering

Secure End-to-End Connectivity

Enable Kubernetes-hosted services to talk to non-Kubernetes services or each other with Tailscale’s proven and trusted security built-in, all without the need for additional hardware, software, or Kubernetes network infrastructure complexity.

Secure End-to-End Connectivity

Tailscale Kubernetes operator features and benefits

Easily expose services in your Kubernetes cluster to your Tailscale network
Securely connect to the Kubernetes control plane (kube-apiserver) via an API server proxy, with or without authentication
Seamless egress from a Kubernetes cluster to an external service on your Tailscale network
Fast, flexible, and secure connectivity to and between your Kubernetes clusters that works like magic
Full control with MagicDNS, Access Control Lists and other Tailscale security features natively built-in
Kubernetes access everywhere and anywhere, from on-premises to public clouds.

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