Tailscale Funnel Acceptable Use Policy


Funnel allows you to route traffic from the wider internet to one or more of your Tailscale nodes. In order for us to keep this feature neat, part of our responsibility in offering this, is to keep users safe from abuse and harm. By using this Service, you agree you must comply with our Acceptable Use Policies, which include some restrictions on content and conduct on Tailscale Funnel related to user safety, intellectual property, privacy, authenticity, and other limitations.

Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information. If you suspect abuse of this Service, please use the link below to notify our team.

User Safety and Protection

Below is a non-exhaustive list of content and activity not allowed using Tailscale Funnel:

  • Discriminatory or hate speech of any kind towards any individual or group;
  • Any sexual abuse or exploitation material;
  • Doxxing or any coordinated harassment towards any individual or group;
  • Illegal or illicit activity or the promotion thereof;
  • Incitement, promotion, or celebration of violence

Private Information

Tailscale respects the privacy of users and non-users of our Service and does not allow the following:

Any impersonation of an individual or entity; Posting personally identifiable information without owner consent;

Intellectual Property

Tailscale obeys DMCA take-down requests:

  • Posting of intellectual property without owner consent;
  • Misrepresenting your identity as a person or entity through false association;

Spam and Inauthentic Activity

  • Phishing or any activity that involves attempts at acquiring information for the purpose of stealing sensitive information;
  • Spam or other such automated activities that involve excessive, bulk activity;

Service Access and Safety

Tailscale does not allow content or activity of the following:

  • Malware or any other malicious activity that diminishes the Tailscale service and site;
  • Any use in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to a user or server, database, accounts, network, or other services not intended to be public.

Policy Enforcement

Funnel routes internet traffic to Tailscale nodes. To maintain user safety, compliance with our Acceptable Use Policies is required for usage. These policies cover content, conduct, user safety, intellectual property, privacy, authenticity, and other limitations.

Tailscale reserves the right to terminate or otherwise limit access to Tailscale Funnel and other features at our discretion and without notice should we find that this policy has been breached.