Get notifications for events on your tailnet with webhooks

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If you’re managing and using Tailscale along with several other users, it’s hard to keep track of what changes get made, even with audit logs. For example, another admin might make an update, or an event that you need to react to could occur — such as a node needing approval.

Webhooks are now available so you can get notified when common tailnet management and misconfiguration events occur, such as:

You can configure webhooks to be sent to any HTTPS endpoint — for example, receiving notifications of changes to your ACLs in a Slack channel. Webhooks are owned by the tailnet, so any webhooks set up by an admin will continue to work even if that admin leaves the company.

To set up a webhook, open the Webhooks page of the admin console. Read the documentation to learn more about how to set up webhooks.

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