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Tailscale Runs Anywhere I Need

November 23 2022
Katie Reese
Katie Reese

Last week, Tailscale hosted a three-day co-work week to prove Tailscale Runs Anywhere I Need (TRAIN) by traversing the Amtrak Coast Starlight line from Emeryville, CA to Seattle, WA. The week included a shared work day in Berkeley, an overnight on the train, a work day from the train’s observatory, and a work day from a lovely Airbnb in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.

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🚂 Eleven Tailscalars woke up on a train this morning headed from SF to Seattle to prove “Tailscale Runs Anywhere I Need.”

On our adventure we strengthened existing friendships and created new ones through shared laughter, good food, and of course, a healthy amount of games. We had the opportunity to celebrate the two-year anniversary of teammate Sonia Appasamy and take in beautiful vistas up the west coast — while shipping new features and fixing critical vulnerabilities. Shout out to the Amtrak train attendants that joined in on the fun and made our trip spectacular.

Tailscalars on a train. No designers were harmed in the making of this video.

If a remote working culture that prioritizes giving teammates opportunities to know one another and deploying Tailscale from wild places sounds of interest to you, Tailscale is hiring.

🚂 Indeed, Tailscale does run anywhere I need.

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