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An update on Tailscale Up — our conference for you! 

April 04 2023
Jeremy TannerKatie Reese
Jeremy Tanner & Katie Reese

In case you missed it, Tailscale Up is our first community conference that brings Tailscale out of the network layer and into the real world on Wednesday, May 31. Come to meet open source maintainers, hardware hackers, self-hosters, and Tailscalars (sometimes all the same person) to share stories, workflows, and favorite projects. You can find tickets, accommodation details, and more over on the developer community site.

Tailscale partners with Dogpatch Studios to host the first Tailscale Up community conference.

We will host this event at Dogpatch Studios at 991 Tennessee Street in San Francisco. The conference will feature a full day of talks, great food, and an after-hours social event hosted onsite with both non-alcoholic drinks and beer from local breweries.


Early bird tickets are on sale through Friday, April 28. Let us know we can expect to see you by purchasing a ticket on our developer community website.

First round of speaker announcements

Amye Scavarda Perrin, Director of Developer Programs at CNCF

Tailscale @ Home: Your Family Needs Tailscale

We’re all super familiar with the fantastic ways that Tailscale can change your life, but hear her out on this one. What if you could give your parents an ad-free internet? Without having to maintain a dedicated device in their house? (The child tech support phone calls on that one…)

With the power of Tailscale and Pi-hole combined, you too can have your household internet free of pesky popups, attention grabbers, and possibly misleading claims to have won an iPhone. (Warning: Some assembly required!)

Justin Garrison, Developer Advocate, AWS

Tailscale @ Play: Build Your Own Game Streaming Service

Streaming games from the cloud is great, but how can you get the same flexibility with your own existing hardware? Using Tailscale with Steam, we can game from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Emily Trau, Security Researcher

Networking Crimes: All the Buttons

What kind of user experiences can you build if you use every trick in the Tailscale book — features that are old, new, and even unreleased? We built a hacking attack/defense simulation platform, and want to show you what’s possible when you commit Tailscale crimes.

Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist, The Duckbill Group

More Networking Crimes: The Managed NAT Gateway Time Machine

Via the magic of Tailscale, Corey will do the (financially) impossible: pass traffic through two AWS Managed NAT Gateways. This in turn will create a vortex that is so phenomenally expensive that it warps the very fabric of space and time. That vortex will then be used to take you on a living tour of the history of crappy VPNs, hilariously bad multicloud networking attempts, and bear living witness to the actual moment Cisco set off down its path to become a sad corporate dragon with no friends.


Building something that’s the peanut butter to Tailscale’s chocolate? If you’re interested in exploring potential partnership opportunities with us, either at the conference or beyond, we invite you to email us at We would love to discuss different options for collaboration and find creative ways to work together.

Code of Conduct

Promoting a respectful and inclusive environment is a top priority for Tailscale Up. Everyone will be expected to follow our Code of Conduct.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

At Tailscale Up, we’ll implement the following safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID. We encourage all attendees to wear a mask and will be providing masks at the venue check-in table. We will require a negative test completed on the same day (Tailscale will provide  all attendees a test by mail before the event). Please do not attend if you are exhibiting symptoms.

We will offer a full refund if you are unable to attend. These measures will be reviewed and updated to reflect the changing situation as we approach the conference date.

Thank you!

We hope to see you at Tailscale Up! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and the fediverse to stay current on the latest developments.

Get ready to up your networking game.

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