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Tailscale for Android is Here

August 03 2020
Laura Franzese
Laura Franzese

tl;dr Tailscale is now available in the Google Play Store for Android devices. Get started. Tailscale 1.0 will be released next week.

Tailscale is the easiest way to create simple, secure networks for teams of any size.

Today we are announcing our Android App is officially out of beta and generally available in the Google Play Store. Android support has been one of our most requested features, and we are genuinely excited to bring it to our users. We want to thank everyone in our community who supported our beta. We couldn’t have done it without your contributions, bug reports, and early adoption.

Android support brings the power of Tailscale to nearly every device, so as a company it feels like it really lays the groundwork for what’s next. We’re also excited to announce Tailscale 1.0 is coming next week. 🎉

Here is a brief snapshot of our favorite features and capabilities since our launch.

  • Improved and expanded identity and SSO support. Authentication and authorization for users is the first critical security hurdle for connectivity — we have refined our Okta support and added SAP Identity to our growing list of SSO providers.
  • More reliable connectivity. We overhauled our magicsock connection code that sits between WireGuard and the network, finding the best path between peers and getting through NATs. Now, switching between different networks is now smoother than ever, particularly between Wi-Fi and LTE, or when moving a sleeping laptop between different networks.
  • More control over your networks. The new Shields Up feature allows any device to reject all incoming Tailscale connections. Think of it as a simple firewall that users can toggle on each of their devices with the flip of a switch.
  • Easy deployment and configuration. We’ve improved our admin UI to guide new users in their installation. The ACL editor now has syntax highlighting and is a lot easier to work with. We have made it simpler to configure machines, and users for a much smoother user experience. This UI update lays the groundwork for a lot of cool new features we can build next.
  • Android Support. As mentioned above, Android support has been one of our most requested features, even by our own team. After a successful beta, Tailscale is now available on the Google Play Store! 🎉

Getting Started

Built to be simple, Tailscale can be deployed in minutes on top of your existing infrastructure. Authentication is seamless because we integrate with GSuite, Okta, Active Directory, and more. We handle key management and NAT traversal, making it easy to deploy WireGuard, which is responsible for the transport and security. Everything scales nicely because it’s a mesh; there aren’t any VPN gateways or bottlenecks to worry about. In short, it just works and is exactly what you want from something so fundamental to your infrastructure.

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What People Are Saying

Tailscale helped us to quickly move from a traditional VPN setup to a flexible, BeyondCorp-style network. Tailscale’s combination of incremental deployment and strong security controls made it easy to get started with a couple of users and, later, extend it to the entire staff. Ware Adams, co-founder, Chief Risk Officer and Managing Director of DC Energy

Tailscale has been absolutely clutch in terms of remote productivity and accessing distributed computer/hardware resources. Dr. Kevin Cedrone, R&D Director of Meter and MIT Lecturer

At Tailscale, we’re on a mission to build a new kind of internet: one where networks are private, available, secure, and trustworthy by default. Whether you’re friends sharing a Minecraft server or an enterprise coordinating a cloud of services, Tailscale is for you. Let us know what you think on Twitter or drop us a line.

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