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Since launching four years ago, Tailscale has been adopted by thousands of companies seeking easier and more powerful ways to build networks and interconnect devices. Customers like Instacart, Mercari, Duolingo, and Mercury Bank are using Tailscale in wide-scale deployments, often with more than 1,000 users, as key parts of their respective network infrastructures.

Built on the open source project WireGuard®, Tailscale uses the principles of Zero Trust Networking to create “endpoint first” peer-to-peer networks. An alternative to legacy networking and VPN architectures, Tailscale private networks (“tailnets”) operate as overlays on top of customers’ existing network infrastructure, ensuring that all traffic between devices is encrypted, and that devices are authenticated and reachable regardless of how or where they’re connected to the Internet. 

By building encryption, authentication, identity, and traffic routing rules into the network itself, rather than assembling them into a composite of separate layers and components, Tailscale delivers essential features and security capabilities with unique ease and manageability. Creating or joining a tailnet is easy: a user need only install a small software client and login using their company’s existing single sign-on (SSO) authentication system. Tailscale’s cloud service coordinates and facilitates connections between all devices on the tailnet, and provides the administrative tools to monitor activity, create access policies, and manage users.

As Tailscale has become more popular, we’ve seen it deployed in virtually every environment you can imagine: hobbyists building home labs and automation, developers securing access to development and production systems, and companies managing the new reality of remote work. We’ve been working closely with some of our largest customers to learn how they have been using Tailscale and how this new networking model helps address their unique and evolving needs.  

To that end, we are happy to announce the launch of Tailscale Enterprise, a new offering designed for organizations that have sophisticated compliance, security, and support requirements. 

“Every IT team wants to implement zero trust, but it’s always on the other side of the horizon,” said Clint Sharp, co-founder and CEO of Cribl. “Tailscale’s overlay network for enterprises brings us one step closer to making it a reality. Now our teams can work on mission-critical projects without worrying about security gaps and tedious configurations.”

Tailscale Enterprise features and capabilities

Tailscale Enterprise includes security features specific to the needs of large organizations, such as logging and identity management, plus higher levels of support and flexible payment options.

Get started with Tailscale Enterprise

Join our upcoming webinar on May 17th to learn more about Tailscale Enterprise. 

Additional details about Tailscale Enterprise are available on our pricing page, or if you have any questions about migrating an existing account, please contact sales.

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