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Tailscale logo on NASDAQ tower v1

April 07 2022
Jessica Webb Kennedy
Jessica Webb Kennedy

Tailscale was included in Wing Venture Capital’s 2022 Enterprise Tech 30 List. While it’s an honor to be included, what we are most excited about is what inclusion in the list signifies.

Tailscale highlighted on the New York NASDAQ

The Enterprise Tech 30 is determined by leading venture capitalists in the sector who share the knowledge of venture capital and corporate development communities. It highlights the top promising private companies in enterprise technology according to their potential to purposefully shift how tech enterprises operate for the better.

David Crawshaw, Co-founder, and CTO at Tailscale did an interview with the Nasdaq Spotlight team about Tailscale’s vision for the future:

Thumbnail of David Crawshaw's Nasdaq interview

As companies and individuals figure out what “getting back to work” looks like, many are faced with the challenges of what working from anywhere looks like. Whether it’s remote, hybrid, or even in-office teams, there is a need to secure networks end-to-end with low latency, including access to cloud instances and on-prem resources. Enterprises trust Tailscale to connect their devices and services together.

“Tailscale has grown so quickly within organizations because it resolves the tension between connectivity and security tools,” said Avery Pennarun, co-founder and CEO of Tailscale. “Tailscale is a simple, fast, elegant way to securely connect the right people to the right resources without any hardware, infrastructure, or upfront costs so that enterprise teams can roll out incrementally and focus on productivity, not the limitations of their VPN.”

Read our full press release.

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