Configuration audit logs are generally available

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We’re pleased to announce that configuration audit logs are now generally available for all Tailscale users. Configuration audit logs record changes made to your Tailscale network’s, or tailnet’s, configuration. If you’re an admin of a tailnet, you can access audit logs in the Logs page of the admin console. In the admin console, you’ll see a table of changes made to your network, with the most recent events shown first, and you can filter by user, time, and action taken. Configuration audit logs are also available via API.

Understanding what changes were made to your Tailscale network, and who made them, is critical for maintaining the security and integrity of your network. That’s why we’re making it even easier for admins — and your auditors! — to review changes made to your tailnet’s configuration, such as adding devices, updating ACLs, or changing DNS settings.

Configuration audit logs are enabled by default on all tailnets, and cannot be disabled. Read the documentation to learn more, or go to the admin console to see your logs.

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