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Tailscale on the Fediverse

November 16 2022
Xe Iaso
Xe Iaso

Hey everyone! The last few weeks have been something else eh? We want to make it easier for you to keep in touch with us. As such, we have created a Fediverse account on Hachyderm. Feel free to give us a follow if you want to keep up to date!

We’re honored to be one of the first corporate accounts on Hachyderm and in the Fediverse in general. This is a great responsibility and we are taking this responsibility seriously. We want to be an example of what a positive and mutually beneficial corporate presence on the Fediverse should look like. We want to use this opportunity to help strengthen the entire Fediverse community as well as help people use Tailscale in new and exciting ways.

I’ve personally used the Fediverse since 2017, back when Mastodon was propagating things using OStatus. I’ve run bots on the Fediverse for years. I don’t want this to be an example of another corporation encroaching on a community space and covering it with advertising. I don’t want a repeat of Steak-ums “viral marketing” or whatever the heck is going on with Wendy’s. I want to take advantage of this clean break from the whims of AI algorithms and see what we could do if we could just talk to people more directly in a much more calm way.

I realize that corporations on the Fediverse is a very new phenomenon and that a lot of the “core” Fediverse community has been vastly against this for a very long time. I can’t blame people for feeling like corporations making accounts on the Fediverse are invading their community spaces. This is why we want to set the standard that other companies should follow us on. In the process we’re going to end up making tools and integrations that we hope will be useful to you too. More to come in the future when I have more to talk about.

If you’ve made the jump to the Fediverse, follow us at @tailscale@hachyderm.io. We’ll be tooting when we either have awesome things to share or boosting the awesome things you all have shared. If you want a toot to catch our attention, please either mention @tailscale@hachyderm.io or use the hashtag #tailscale.

Stay tuned, I have plans.

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