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June Tailscale newsletter

June 30 2022
Laura Franzese
Laura Franzese

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In June, we launched Tailscale SSH into beta . Featured community contributions include Pat Reagan documenting  their experience with Tailscale SSH, and Kris Nova recording a Twitch tutorial  on how to use Tailscale.

Let’s jump in:

What’s new: Tailscale SSH now in beta

Connect and authenticate SSH directly using Tailscale, and never manage SSH keys again. You can enable Tailscale SSH with a single command, no config file changes, no jump boxes or proxies, and no port conflicts with your existing OpenSSH.

As always with Tailscale, it doesn’t matter where your SSH client or server is or how many firewalls or NATs it’s trapped behind. Tailscale transparently creates an end-to-end encrypted, peer-to-peer connection, and now it silently manages your SSH keys too.

This is SSH with an ease and simplicity you’ve never seen before. You can have it working in 30 seconds.

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  • Tailscale SSH demo
    90-second demo of Tailscale SSH with Tailscale product manager, Maya Kaczorowski.

  • Ask a Tailscale engineer: what is Tailscale SSH?
    Learn more about what went into building Tailscale SSH with Tailscalars, Brad Fitzpatrick and Maisem Ali.

    Tailscale SSH is available in beta for all users on all plans, here’s what other Tailscale users are saying—let us know what you think!

Shohei SSH tweet
Kevin SSH tweet
Nick SSH tweet

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