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June Tailscale newsletter

June 30 2021
Laura Franzese
Laura Franzese

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It’s been another productive month for the team here at Tailscale, and we are brimming with community contributions including a getting started video tutorial from David Burgess and a new guide by Justin Rhee on setting up a Tailscale VPN on Kubernetes. Let’s jump in:

New Pricing

Monday we announced a new pricing model for Tailscale that makes it less expensive for everyone, and easier to scale. As always, non-profits and open-source projects receive a 50% discount.

Spin up more devices or subnet routers, try out ACL rules—we want you to experiment and update your payment settings after the fact. We’re building the most inclusive pricing model possible, and we’ll be able to do that with your feedback.

GitHub Authentication

Users can now sign up for Tailscale using their GitHub account. We do not (yet) support creating your own teams, but if you are part of an existing GitHub organization you’ll get the option to join that org when you sign up.

Tailscale v1.10

Tailscale v1.10 is primarily a bugfix and stabilization release. It also lays the groundwork for an upcoming feature to support HTTPS certificates that we’re hoping to release in the coming weeks. For all platforms tailscale ping --until-direct (the default) now exits with a non-zero exit code if no direct connection was established.

On macOS we’ve added a UI to allow access to the local LAN while using an exit node. We’ve also added support for the new macOS 12 and iOS 15 betas announced at WWDC. For Android, macOS, and iOS we have fixed use of Tailscale IP addresses as DNS servers.

From the community

David Burgess at DBTech walks through how to set up Tailscale on Windows and Linux.

David Burgess at DBTech walks through how to set up Tailscale on Windows and Linux.

Profile picture for John Pan
John Pan
Just want to give @Tailscale a big shoutout for how easy it is to do remote printing after Google killed Cloud Print. I set up a Raspberry Pi with CUPS as a print server, joined it to Tailscale network and boom, now I can print from anywhere.

From the Tailscale team

  • Taildrop was kind of easy, actually Taildrop was the first test of an experimental p2p app discovery layer in Tailscale. Tailscale CEO Avery Pennarun talks about why it was so easy to build, and where we go from here.

  • NAS from anywhere with Tailscale In this informational post we dive through how to use Tailscale to set up your NAS for access from any device.

  • NAS 101: An intro chat about Network Attached Storage Lots of folks use Tailscale with NAS devices. In an effort to make this tech more accessible we’ve published a chat about the basics between our past co-op student Naman Sood and our Archmage of Infrastructure, Xe Iaso.

We’d love to hear any feedback you have about how we can make Tailscale better. Send us an email or reply to @Tailscale on Twitter.

That’s all for now — stay well!

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