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April Tailscale newsletter

April 29 2021
Laura Franzese
Laura Franzese

April has been a busy month; the team is hard at work on our upcoming stable 1.8 release. Lots of great community contributions to highlight.

Community Writing

  • Adding Nomad jobs to a Tailscale network Mark Pashmfouroush wanted to run a personal IRC bouncer—but didn’t really know what to run it on. In this blog, he walks through running his IRC bouncer as a sidecar task in Nomad—all with Tailscale.
  • Tailscale 続報 QNAP で動かす&ACL でアクセス制御する&インターネット接続暗号化 (Tailscale follow-up QNAP-powered & ACL access control & Internet connection encryption) Satoshi Shimizu (whom we’ve included in prior newsletters) wrote a follow-up to his explainer on Tailscale for InternetWatch in Japan. He walks through how to run Tailscale on a QNAP NAS, set Access Control Lists (ACLs), and connect to the Internet using via an in-house node with Tailscale 1.6.
  • ngrok like tunnels with Tailscale, a VPS, and Traefik Snorre Magnus Davøen details how to set up his own domain and tunnel to a dev server on their laptop using Tailscale and a reverse proxy. It’s a great use case, and an interesting read.
  • A Mesh VPN For Everyone Mat X dreams about backups and storage while he sleeps. He wrote an explainer of how to use Tailscale to connect everything. We liked it so much we’re sharing it with you.

From the Tailscale team

We’d love to hear any feedback you have about how we can make Tailscale better. Send us an email or reply to @Tailscale on Twitter.

That’s all for now — stay well!

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