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Tailscale v0.98

May 05 2020
Ross Zurowski
Ross Zurowski

We’re happy to announce a new version of Tailscale. This minor release fixes various connectivity issues and squashes some annoying platform-specific bugs. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to report these issues!

A few highlights from the complete changelog on GitHub:

  • We now prefer IPv6 over IPv4 when sending encrypted packets between nodes. Note: this does not yet make IPv6 available inside the Tailscale network.
  • Switching between different networks is now smoother than ever, particularly between Wi-Fi and LTE, or when moving a sleeping laptop between different networks.
  • Windows no longer resets active connections when new nodes get added to the network.
  • We’ve adjusted MTU settings to avoid packet loss for users on Google Cloud or DSL.

This release only contains connectivity and stability fixes, so we recommend everyone update to the latest version. You can see out-of-date nodes on the machines page of your admin console.

You can find update instructions for your platform.

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