Log streaming to Panther is Generally Available

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We’re happy to announce that the Tailscale integration with Panther Labs is now Generally Available. We launched this feature a few weeks ago, and made lots of improvements based on your great feedback (thanks!). 

With log streaming, customers can natively route their Tailscale audit and network logs to Panther — to monitor their tailnet, create custom detections, set up fine-grained alerts, and take advantage of Panther’s out-of-the-box detection rules for Tailscale logs. Check out the Tailscale Log Monitoring page for more information about Panther’s integration with Tailscale, its use cases, and its capabilities.

Like log streaming, this feature is available for customers on the Enterprise plan, and can be enabled by all Tailscale owner and admin roles.  

Ready to try log streaming now? Go directly to the admin console to get started.

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