What people say about Tailscale

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harper 🤯

Ok. I just spent 30 minutes getting @tailscale up and maybe 20 of that was talking to @dave_universetf on their IRC test website. It is awesome. 10 min to get my phone, home desktop, desktop at work, a couple local servers and a cloud box all connected to the same network.

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🦦 Jared Folkins 🦦

I recently added 4 more nodes to my WireGuard network. 6 logical networks transformed into one. It is magic. It was actually the same feeling I felt when using @Dropbox back in the day. Easy to consider that @Tailscale could be the dropbox of private networking.

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Sharath Patali

Setting up a mesh VPN on all my devices was so damn easy thanks to @Tailscale. A tightly sealed network of remote devices with almost no configuration and also ease of adding a new device to the mesh is just what I wanted. Amazing work @Tailscale!

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Dan Peterson

Set up @Tailscale across a few home and cloud devices in a few minutes. Magical! ✨

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Colin McMillen

Cool @Tailscale win: for some reason, my little git server at git.semicolin.games got targeted by a DDOS last night.

I temporarily switched my server to serve only over the Tailscale VPN address, and could thus keep accessing all my stuff until the attackers moved along.

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Cole Kennedy

I am amazed at how easy @tailscale made it for me to create zero-trust multi-cloud environment for my customer. I have a ton of use cases going through my head. @bradfitz @NicolasChaillan

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Simon Willison

OK yeah @Tailscale is good. This morning I got it running on my iPhone and a Linux server JUST using my phone (and Prompt by Panic) and they're now in a mesh network together.

Just got it running on my Mac too, so now it's a three-device network. Completely free, took minutes.

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Tim Lesher

So I decided to reserve this morning to read up on @tailscale and get it set up on my various machines at home.

That took a hot 30 minutes and I have to find something else to do. 🤷‍

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Paul Rosania

@Tailscale is incredibly cool. Stunning in simplicity and usability. (I acknowledge this is an esoteric tweet. I predict it will be less esoteric in a year or two.)

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@Tailscale busts double nat (travel router -> plane wifi) and connects me to my home server so I can silence a prometheus humidity alert (can’t really add water to the humidifier from here).

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Mike Sample

Need a good VPN solution like everyone else right now? @Tailscale is now GA - congrats! No snake oil crypto here - peer reviewed & open source. No IPSec complexity. User-space daemon in a memory safe language with broad OS support 💥

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Etienne Posthumus

I have been using Tailscale for about 3 weeks know (since I went into self isolation) and very happy. Linux servers and OS X clients so far. It just works.

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Michael P.

After installing @Tailscale on a bunch of machines on my home network (Linux x86 + aarch64, MacOS, Windows) I've just ventured out. Had to restart the process but holy moly, just SSH'ed into my boxes, building code and pushing configs around like I'm home. Amazing. Converted

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John Lynch

If you deal with servers in any way drop everything and get this. VPN nirvana. @Tailscale

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Morgan Gallant

The beauty of @Tailscale is that they enable people to make their own personal internet, for free in most cases. It's this weird paradigm shift, since you have to actively work to make applications insecure rather than the other way around.

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Yvan da Silva

@Tailscale utilisent wireguard. C'est léger, très performant, fonctionne en UDP, passe les nat et c'est très très facile à mettre en place.

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So @tailscale is a legit product, even at this early stage. I almost feel sorry for all the VPN software/device vendors out there that saddle their users with miserable usability.

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Tessa Lau

Just paid for @tailscale. Installed it on our robots; so far so good. Compared to OpenVPN:
* Serverless
* Always on
* Same config in office & field
* Scales to large # devices
* GUI-based ACL w/SSO
* Fixed IPs, DNS-friendly
* Dead simple config+use

Kudos team @tailscale!