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Cobalt Speech

Cobalt Speech discovered Tailscale’s frictionless VPN solution

AI, Speech Recognition Software
Cobalt Speech is a software company specializing in speech and language technology. They provide consulting and development services for clients integrating speech recognition and natural language …

Yugabyte uses Tailscale to quickly and securely connect its support and field teams everywhere

Internet Software & Services, Information Technology
Yugabyte builds a distributed SQL database, YugabyteDB, to power global-scale, cloud-native applications. YugabyteDB helps developers and DevOps teams when they need a Postgres-compatible, …

Jasper trusts Tailscale to simplify, secure, and manage access

11–50 employees
Real Estate, Investing
Jasper is a quickly growing company that buys multi-million dollar properties and makes the opportunity for investment in those assets available to users of their digital platform. Jasper is growing …

VersaBank partnered with Tailscale to modernize their VPN

VersaBank is a “branchless” commercial bank that makes full use of innovative, digital technologies, and provides two primary services — deposits and financing. Originally founded as a trust company …

A Reliable VPN for Zego's DevOps

501–1K employees
Zego provides vehicle insurance for gig economy workers in the UK. In the UK, a special kind of insurance is needed to make deliveries with a personal vehicle, which is normally paid by the worker …

How Tailscale simplified access for Gini

11–50 employees
Finance, AI
Daniel Kerwin joined Gini, a market-leading company for payment solutions and intelligent data extraction from documents, eight years ago. Since then, Gini has grown substantially, and Daniel is now …

Securing Finter's IoT network over 4G

11–50 employees
Transportation, Government, IoT
Finter develops technical solutions for mobility, toll roads, and parking. As a rapidly expanding startup currently employing 20 people, their toll collection system shares traffic information and …

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