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Globalways uses Tailscale to ensure resilience in case of a catastrophic failure

Globalways is a German internet service provider with 20 years in the industry. They have laid over 230 miles (360km) of dark fiber in Stuttgart, Germany and maintain 19 points of presence (PoP) …
Bamboo Health

Bamboo Health automates user management and simplifies remote access with Tailscale

Real-Time Healthcare Intelligence
Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Bamboo Health is a leading technology provider for healthcare organizations, ensuring healthcare professionals have real-time, actionable insights on patients’ physical, …

Duolingo uses Codespaces and Tailscale for secure remote development

Since language learning app Duolingo launched back in 2012, all its coding was done locally on engineer laptops or desktops. There were a few problems with this approach. Firstly, when new developers …
Shiguredo Inc.

Shiguredo uses Tailscale to solve the issues that arise with cloud services using bare-metal servers

Contributed by @voluntas. Shiguredo Inc. develops and provides a software package called WebRTC SFU Sora (Sora) and its cloud service. WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) is a technology for exchanging …

Instacart reduces developer disruption with Tailscale

Retail, Logistics
Founded in 2012, Instacart is the leading grocery technology company in North America, delivering the future of online grocery shopping. Partnering with over 1,000 retail banners to offer delivery and …

How Corelight severed ties with their old VPN

Corelight is a cybersecurity company headquartered in California that develops network detection and response (NDR) technology to help defend some of the world’s most sensitive, mission-critical …

Machinify gets HITRUST with low overhead using Tailscale SSH and ACLs

Health & Life Sciences
Headquartered in California, Machinify is a remote-first revolutionary software company with a mission to ensure that patients get the right treatment, at the right time, at the right price. The …

How Bolt Scaled Remote Work with Tailscale’s Zero Trust Mesh VPN

Internet Software & Services, Information Technology
Bolt’s checkout platform bundles all the tools retailers need for payment processing, payment gateways and fraud detection, as well as checkout processes like calculating coupons, tax and shipping …

How Mercari improved accessibility, security, and made VPNs simple with Tailscale

Based in Japan, Mercari is an online marketplace for preloved items, connecting buyers and sellers across the U.S. and Japan. With more than 20 million active monthly users, their mobile app allows …
Cobalt Speech

Cobalt Speech discovered Tailscale’s frictionless VPN solution

AI, Speech Recognition Software
Cobalt Speech is a software company specializing in speech and language technology. They provide consulting and development services for clients integrating speech recognition and natural language …

Yugabyte uses Tailscale to quickly and securely connect its support and field teams everywhere

Internet Software & Services, Information Technology
Yugabyte builds a distributed SQL database, YugabyteDB, to power global-scale, cloud-native applications. YugabyteDB helps developers and DevOps teams when they need a Postgres-compatible, …

Jasper trusts Tailscale to simplify, secure, and manage access

Real Estate, Investing
Jasper is a quickly growing company that buys multi-million dollar properties and makes the opportunity for investment in those assets available to users of their digital platform. Jasper is growing …

VersaBank partnered with Tailscale to modernize their VPN

VersaBank is a “branchless” commercial bank that makes full use of innovative, digital technologies, and provides two primary services — deposits and financing. Originally founded as a trust company …

A Reliable VPN for Zego's DevOps

500–1k employees
Zego provides vehicle insurance for gig economy workers in the UK. In the UK, a special kind of insurance is needed to make deliveries with a personal vehicle, which is normally paid by the worker …

How Tailscale simplified access for Gini

11–50 employees
Finance, AI
Daniel Kerwin joined Gini, a market-leading company for payment solutions and intelligent data extraction from documents, eight years ago. Since then, Gini has grown substantially, and Daniel is now …

Securing Finter’s IoT network over 4G

11–50 employees
Transportation, Government, IoT
Finter develops technical solutions for mobility, toll roads, and parking. As a rapidly expanding startup currently employing 20 people, their toll collection system shares traffic information and …

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