Your home(lab) away from home

Connect servers, VMs, and devices to create your own personal Internet — a private network you can share with friends & family, and access from anywhere in the world.

Your home(lab) away from home

What is Tailscale?

Tailscale is a free and open source service, based on WireGuard®, that helps users build no-hassle virtual private networks. Once you’ve created a Tailscale network (tailnet), you can securely access services and devices on that tailnet from anywhere in the world.

Homelab network

How can I try Tailscale?

Tailscale is available for download on all major operating systems, can be installed from the Apple & Google Play app stores, and is even available as a Synology add-on-package, and QNAP application.

Raspberry Pi & ARM

With a personal tailnet, you can:

Remote access icon
Remote access

Add devices to your tailnet, to access them from anywhere in the world.

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Filter DNS

Block malicious traffic, ads, and trackers to help secure your network with NextDNS.

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Encrypt traffic

Route and encrypt internet traffic through an Exit Node on your tailnet.

Share with friends and family

You can also share nodes with friends to give them access to a file server, game server, or anything else on your tailnet without exposing it to the public internet. 

Tailscale works there too

Tailnets can include anything from an Ubuntu server on Digital Ocean to a Raspberry pi, home security camera, or even a Steam Deck.

Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server

Raspberry Pi

What others are saying about Tailscale

Profile picture for Sharath Patali
Sharath Patali

Setting up a mesh VPN on all my devices was so damn easy thanks to @Tailscale. A tightly sealed network of remote devices with almost no configuration and also ease of adding a new device to the mesh is just what I wanted. Amazing work @Tailscale!

Profile picture for Simon Willison
Simon Willison

OK yeah @Tailscale is good. This morning I got it running on my iPhone and a Linux server JUST using my phone (and Prompt by Panic) and they're now in a mesh network together.

Just got it running on my Mac too, so now it's a three-device network. Completely free, took minutes.

Profile picture for Mike Sample
Mike Sample

Need a good VPN solution like everyone else right now? @Tailscale is now GA - congrats! No snake oil crypto here - peer reviewed & open source. No IPSec complexity. User-space daemon in a memory safe language with broad OS support 💥

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