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Identity Providers

Use your existing identity provider to authenticate to your tailnet, and leverage user & group provisioning to manage user onboarding and offboarding automatically.

Operating Systems (OS)

Tailscale works on most operating systems.

Cloud Providers

Connect users, peer services, and SSH directly to your cloud resources.

Serverless Apps

Connect ephemeral workloads to external resources, and easily share deployments with colleagues.


Privately connect to resources running in Kubernetes.

  • Pods


    Run a sidecar, or userspace sidecar to connect to a pod

  • Services


    Use a proxy for inbound connectivity to a service

  • Clusters


    Subnet routers for access to your entire cluster


Connect containers to your network with userspace networking, and automatically remove workloads when they terminate.

Databases and Warehouses

Access databases remotely, and encrypt traffic between multiple sources.

Infrastructure as Code

Provision, manage, and query Tailscale resources programmatically, as code.

  • Terraform


    For managing tailnet policy file, DNS settings, and device properties

  • Pulumi


    For managing tailnet policy file, DNS settings, and device properties

  • GitHub Actions

    GitHub Actions

    For syncing tailnet policy file

  • Ansible


    For deploying and updating Tailscale nodes

  • Steampipe


    For querying devices, DNS settings, and tailnet policy file.

  • Resmo


    For querying devices, DNS settings, and tailnet policy file

  • CloudQuery


    For querying devices, DNS settings, and tailnet policy file

Log Streaming

Stream network activity information for analysis or long-term storage.


Subscribe to webhook notifications for events or misconfigurations in your network.

Remote Development Environments

Spin up remote development environments that can still access license servers, code repositories, and images or package registries.

Developer Tools

Access or share resources from within your development environment.

Mobile Shells

Use the command line to code on devices in your tailnet from anywhere.

  • Termius


  • Blink Shell

    Blink Shell

  • Mosh


  • Dropbear SSH

    Dropbear SSH


Establish direct connections, even behind firewalls.

  • OPNsense


  • pfSense


  • Barracuda


  • Check Point

    Check Point

  • Cisco


  • Fortinet


  • Palo Alto Networks

    Palo Alto Networks

  • Ubiquiti UniFi

    Ubiquiti UniFi

On-demand Access Providers

Grant temporary access to resources on your tailnet based on user access requests.

Web Servers

Proxy access to internal web applications, using Tailscale authentication.

Network Attached Storage

Securely connect to your personal media server from anywhere in the world.

DNS Filtering

Sinkhole DNS queries to protect your devices from unwanted traffic.


Run personal services and access your homelab from anywhere.

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Tailscale works with almost anything

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