Easily and safely connect any device, from anywhere in the world

Tailscale is the simplest way to connect to a remote system over either SSH, RDP, or VNC.

Remote access that just works

Tailscale is the easiest way to create a peer-to-peer network with the power of Wireguard. SSH, VNC, RDP? All made simple with Tailscale installed.

With Taildrop remote access just works.
With Tailscale, there are no port forwards.

No port forwards

Say goodbye to all the complications of your firewall. No need to open ports and configure firewalls.

Nothing is exposed over the open web with Tailscale.

No exposing over the open web

All your traffic goes from peer-to-peer, so no need to open anything up to the public internet.

“OK yeah Tailscale is good. This morning I got it running on my iPhone and a Linux server JUST using my phone and they're now in a mesh network together. Just got it running on my Mac too, so now it's a three-device network. Completely free, took minutes.”

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Simon Willison


State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption keeps your files secure.

End-to-end encryption

State of the art end-to-end encryption keeps your files secure and peer-to-peer sharing means there’s no upload to the cloud, therefore no worries of leaks.

Tailscale's Mac app.

Easy installation

Getting started is as easy as downloading the Tailscale app on your devices and signing in. No setup, no config, Tailscale just works.

Sign in to Taildrop using your SSO and MFA.

Use your SSO and MFA

Tailscale works with teams existing identity providers to easily enforce multi-factor authentication, provide seamless onboarding, and deauthorize employees who've moved on.

Tailscale is secure enough for banks.

Secure enough for banks, easy enough for all of IT

Leading companies including Tock, Oxide Computer Company, VersaBank, Dusty Robotics, and ISX Financial rely on Tailscale to securely connect remote workers to the servers and files they need without making VPN a four-letter word.

Works with what you're already using

Mac, iOS, Windows, Android or Linux — even your Raspberry Pi. Tailscale works wherever you do.

  • Mac

  • iOS

  • Windows

  • Android

  • Linux

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Synology

Get started with Tailscale today.

Sounds expensive? Tailscale is completely free for personal use on up to 100 devices.