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Tailscale is, at its heart, network infrastructure. The value of network infrastructure is what it enables us to connect with. Our users already use Tailscale to peer their cloud and on-premises infrastructure, bridge Kubernetes clusters, and peer across sites — even when facing pesky networking problems like overlapping IP ranges!

Our Integrations page gives you a long list of where you can use Tailscale, so that you can easily see if it works with your infrastructure — but, spoiler alert — Tailscale works almost everywhere. By using Tailscale, your infrastructure is limited only by your imagination, whether it be the hot new frontend platform, legacy hardware in your data center that’s pre-refresh cycle, an Android device sitting in your desk drawer, or even AWS Infinidash! Your infrastructure is whatever, and wherever, you want it to be.

We’re excited when others discover Tailscale, and see the same vision of what it makes possible: to allow users to connect to whatever they need, whether it be a database, a server, or a dev environment. In order to make it possible for you to use any infrastructure with Tailscale, we’ve been working on building general purpose APIs that allow applications to have scoped access to Tailscale. If you’re working on something new, should be listed on our Integrations page, or are interested in partnering with Tailscale, contact partnerships@tailscale.com.

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