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On the bright and sunny day of Wednesday, May 31, 2023 the developer relations team hosted Tailscale’s first user conference in San Francisco at Dogpatch Studios.

We were looking to hear stories of Tailscale at home, work, and play from different industries and individuals, from around the world, in their own words. The day was full of talks sourced from the Tailscale community, 15 speakers from four different continents! We had university students and faculty, folks from the largest infrastructure & infrastructure management companies, startups, and our own, beloved Tailscalars. Thank you to all of our wonderful speakers for making the day special and valuable for the attendees.

During breaks and on into the evening, conversations took place around the old school photo booth, computing conversation cards, board games, graphic novels, the ask-an-eng booth, food trucks, popsicles, and a boutique coffee cart. (and amongst many, many staged plants.)

The event is an exciting milestone for Tailscale. The post-conf attendee feedback has been great to read. So many “learned a ton”, found new open source projects to work with, and figured novel ways to use the Steam Decks that a lucky few won. Attendees put online names to real world faces, made lasting connections with one another, and enjoyed the best food they had experienced at a conference. We learned that our attendees drink a lot of coffee and will plan to have even more of that next time!

Couldn’t be with us in person or feeling nostalgic? We recorded the talks for you!

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