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We’re releasing a Tailscale extension for Visual Studio Code, a text editor we hear is pretty popular. The new extension, now in beta, brings the magic of your tailnet even closer to your code and makes it easier than ever to share your local development over the internet for collaboration, testing, and experimentation.

You can install the extension from the VS Code Marketplace, or learn more about it in our documentation. It lets you use Tailscale directly in VS Code on macOS and Windows platforms.

Use Tailscale Funnel inside VS Code

When you want something local to be available everywhere, Tailscale Funnel is the answer. For example, you might want to receive a webhook from GitHub, share a local service with your coworker, or even host a personal blog or status page on your own computer.

Funnel is a secure way to expose your development environment at a stable URL over the internet, complete with auto-provisioned TLS certificates. Our VS Code extension brings the magic of Funnel even closer to your code. In a few keystrokes, you can securely expose a local port to the internet, right from the IDE.

To get started, open the Tailscale Funnel panel in VS Code with Ctrl+J or Cmd+J.


This extension is open source, currently in beta, and under active development! Follow our progress here on the Tailscale blog or the Github repo, and expect more features coming soon.

You can also file feature requests, bugs, or other issues in that same GitHub repo. If you want to test out the bleeding edge, unstable development builds are available on GitHub.

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