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Tailscale 1.16 is out! The latest Linux, Windows, and Android clients are available today (see our update instructions), while macOS and iOS will be available over the next few days, pending App Store reviews.

We break down the work that’s happened in and around the release of Tailscale 1.16.

Improved container support

This release brings container support, updates to HTTP+SOCKS5 proxy support, as well as mobile battery life improvements. Notably, 1.16 continues to build on the LetsEncrypt work released in 1.14.

We focused a lot of our time this cycle on making Tailscale work better with containers. This release adds support for storing node state as a Kubernetes secret, which means containers no longer need to have separate persistent storage configured in order to save their state, and can instead store it within the Kubernetes infrastructure. (Watch this space for more detailed posts on our Kubernetes work.)

tailscaled in userspace-networking mode can now run an HTTP proxy server in addition to the prior SOCKS5 proxy server support.

We continue to work to improve battery performance on mobile devices. Of interest to users with older Android devices, Taildrop is now backward compatible with more Android versions. Even Android 6 can share files quickly and securely with Taildrop.

More documentation

It’s also worth highlighting the work that has gone into documentation. Here are a handful of new Knowledge Base articles focused on the cloud that can help guide you or your team:

That’s all for now — stay well!

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