Tailscale v0.100

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We’re once again happy to announce a new version of Tailscale.

What comes after 0.99? 0.100, of course!

This is a pretty notable release, containing a major rewrite of our “magicsock” connection code that sits between WireGuard and the network, finding the best path between peers and getting through NATs.

If you’ve had any connection woes previously, definitely give this a try.

One catch, though: the new 0.100 connectivity code only kicks in if two peers trying to connect to each other are both running 0.100 or later. So make sure you update all your devices.

How to update:

In addition to the connectivity improvements, there are a number of other fixes and cleanups:


And as always, email us or tweet us (@tailscale) if you have any problems and we’ll try to help.

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