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This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for all the people whose code we build upon. As a small gesture of gratitude, we’re giving out free Personal Pro accounts to people who’ve contributed to Tailscale’s repos or to code that Tailscale depends on. If you think that is you - please let us know!

November brought fascinating community contributions, including creating private Among Us game servers and Tailscale on a Kobo Sage e-reader. Let’s jump in:

From the community

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From Tailscale

What we’ve been working on

Tailscale 1.18

Tailscale 1.18 arrived this week and is available on all clients (see our update instructions).

This release brings improved UPnP discovery so that eero devices now work, allowing a port to be opened for direct connections. Additionally, tailscaled debug server now exports Prometheus metrics at /debug/metrics. There is also a notable update with Synology allowing users to make their NAS an exit node, but are dependent on the Synology release calendar, look for it in 2022.

Hello, Changelog

This month we published our Changelog. You can follow along for updates on our website, subscribe via RSS, or follow @TailscaleDelta on Twitter.

New Support Hub

We’ve built a new support hub with the aim to make things easier to get the answers you need.

Tailscale Support Page

New Company Page

Curious about the people behind your favorite software? Wonder no more! We’ve unveiled a new company page. A lot of thoughtful effort this month went into defining our vision, mission, guiding principles, and our commitments.

Okta Integration Network

Tailscale is now in the Okta Integration Network! This means getting Okta for your org as an SSO is a more streamlined and less manual process. You can select Tailscale from the Zero-Trust Ecosystem or Security marketplace categories. Watch this space as this is the first of many improvements with our Okta integration.

That’s all for now — stay well! And for those in the US — have a happy Thanksgiving!

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