Connect a GitHub Action to your Tailscale network — now in GitHub marketplace!

A few months back we released a GitHub Action to make it easier for you to access Tailscale. This allows a GitHub Action you’re running to first connect to Tailscale using an ephemeral authentication key, then perform other steps. Ephemeral auth keys clean up their state after the runner finishes, meaning you’re not persisting a connection to your network.

We’re excited that our GitHub Action is now available in the marketplace! This means that with the Connect Tailscale action, you can easily pull this into whatever actions you write.

Generate an ephemeral auth key, then specify:

  - name: Tailscale
    uses: tailscale/github-action@v1
        authkey: ${{ secrets.TAILSCALE_AUTHKEY }}

So, what can you use this for? Connect your GitHub Action to Tailscale and then:

Check out the Connect Tailscale GitHub Action now.

Credit: Naman Sood, our virtuous summer intern. Come back!

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