Tailscale makes networking easy

Tailscale lets you easily manage access to private resources, quickly SSH into devices on your network, and work securely from anywhere in the world.

Trusted by thousands of teams, including
Tailscale on a few different devices.

Let's build your virtual network

Create a secure WireGuard® mesh network between your devices, virtual machines, and servers — even when they're separated by firewalls or subnets.

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
  1. With Tailscale

  2. Without Tailscale

Rolls out in minutes. Devices connect directly, working from any physical location or networking environment. All without poking holes in your firewall.
A frustratingly complex and brittle collection of firewalls, rules, and holes while wondering if your network is secure enough.

Use your existing Identity Provider

Connect to Tailscale with your existing identity provider.
Easily manage groups, enforce multi factor authentication, revoke access for employees who have left the organization, and more.

Punch through firewalls with NAT traversal

NAT Traversal

Navigate firewalls with NAT traversal to connect devices directly to each other, no matter what's standing between them.

Access controls & monitoring

Tailscale SSH

Use Tailscale SSH to manage devices on your network and initiate connections between them without any additional setup or key management.

Always the same IP

Access Controls

Define the resources that each user or device on your tailnet is permitted to access, with network access controls (ACLs), which can be edited manually or managed as code.

Try Tailscale for free

Install and authenticate Tailscale on at least two devices, virtual machines, or containers, to connect them and create your tailnet. Compare plans and features.

Strong security, without the pain

Best practices used by billion-dollar companies, made easy for teams of every size.

  • Automatic key rotation

    Hourly and daily rotations minimizes the risk of stolen keys or stale credentials.

  • Secured with WireGuard®

    Tailscale builds on top of WireGuard’s Noise protocol encryption, a peer-reviewed and trusted standard.

  • Point-to-point connections

    Low latency and private. None of your traffic ever touches our servers.

  • Audit-compliant logging

    Logging from both ends of the connection ensures your network traffic is tamper-proof.

For every kind of team

From security-conscious enterprises to home server hobbyists, Tailscale makes networking easy for everyone.

It even came with code samples that I could easily adapt to our use case, which was far ahead of the others. I also remember from reading Hacker News over the past many years, that Tailscale very frequently comes up as an option that people are happy with.
Art Chaidarun Senior Staff Software Engineer
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Because of Tailscale’s simplicity, both in architecture and end user experience, we can solve our acute problems quickly and easily.
Mike Deeks Senior Staff Software Engineer
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Get started for free

Try Tailscale out for free on your own devices.

Profile picture for Simon Willison
Simon Willison

OK yeah @Tailscale is good. This morning I got it running on my iPhone and a Linux server JUST using my phone (and Prompt by Panic) and they're now in a mesh network together.

Just got it running on my Mac too, so now it's a three-device network. Completely free, took minutes.

Profile picture for Tim Lesher
Tim Lesher

So I decided to reserve this morning to read up on @tailscale and get it set up on my various machines at home.

That took a hot 30 minutes and I have to find something else to do. 🤷‍

Profile picture for Morgan Gallant
Morgan Gallant

The beauty of @Tailscale is that they enable people to make their own personal internet, for free in most cases. It's this weird paradigm shift, since you have to actively work to make applications insecure rather than the other way around.

Profile picture for Tessa Lau
Tessa Lau

Just paid for @tailscale. Installed it on our robots; so far so good. Compared to OpenVPN:
* Serverless
* Always on
* Same config in office & field
* Scales to large # devices
* GUI-based ACL w/SSO
* Fixed IPs, DNS-friendly
* Dead simple config+use

Kudos team @tailscale!